The Transport Booking Portal

In full compliance with public procurement rules, a booking portal for the RI Logistica is under development in Atlassian and will be available to all members soon!

Some of the features will be:

  • An assignment-based service point.
  • A closed communication stream between the member & back-office team.
  • A benchmark on freight cost – you decide which option to use based on your needs!
  • Communication between the member and the back-office team assuring the right shipment at the correct place and time – off course with pre-advice and track and trace where applicable.
  • “One stop shopping” from your decision to the creation of shipping documents, insurance (if required), pick-up, track and trace (if applicable), coordinated unloading and POD if needed.
  • Customs formalities

The booking portal gives you access to all forwarders that meets your requirements without having to establish individual contracts with each forwarder – it gives you full flexibility, cost efficienecy and easy administration.

The solution is flexible and can be updated with special needs from our members!