Code of conduct

The association and its member must strive for and commit to the ethical principles of Integrity, Accountability, Independence and Impartiality, Respect and Professional commitment.

As members of the RI. Logistica Association we honour:

1. Integrity – to behave in accordance with ethical principles, and act in good faith, intellectual honesty and fairness.

2. Accountability – to take responsibility for one´s actions, decisions and their consequences
Staff at RI Logistica and its members are expected to;

3.Independence and Impartiality - To conduct oneself with the interests of RI Logistica Association only in view and under the sole authority of the Board of Directors, and to ensure that personal views and convictions do not compromise ethical principles,
official duties or the interests of the Association.
RI Logistica members are expected to

4. Respect - To respect the dignity, worth, equality, diversity and privacy of all persons

RI Logistica members are expected to:

5. Professional commitment - To demonstrate a high level of professionalism and loyalty to the Organization, its mandate and objectives. RI Logistica Association members are expected to:


These principles are to be observed by RI Logistica Members at all times. The Code of Ethics
and Professional Conduct1is intended to provide guidance to help resolve ethical dilemmas that are likely to be confronted within the course of their membership of the RI Logistica Association. The issues listed in the Code are not exhaustive and do not seek to envisage every potential ethical dilemma. For more information contact the RI Logistica Association board of directors