The ILO Ukraine initiative



The RI Logistica Association was approached via email from representatives from the European ILO (Industry Liaison Officer) Network, following the ILO CERN meeting in September 2022, asking if we could help them in setting up a logistical solution providing RIs in Ukraine by replacing stolen/damaged equipment during the ongoing war also meeting the volume/magnitude needed to be transported.

Step by step guide

  1. Donation gathering
        • Based on the lists of needed equipment, the ILOs together with RI.Logistica will find doners
        • All donations will be donated to the RI.Logistica Association. If you have equipment to donate that is not on the list, please contact us.
  2. Shipping instruction within EU:

    All donations should be sent to the following address:

    RI Logistica Association
    c/o Tetra Pak D&B Systems AB
    Måsvägen 42
     227 33 LUND, SWEDEN 

    Opening hours 08.00-16.00 
    Unloading/Loading capacity: Maximum 5tons

    The shipment must be sent according to DAP, Lund INCOTERM 2010. Which means that the sender will cover the transportation cost and risk during transportation to Lund, Sweden.

    Contact details to be added in the transport booking:
    Daniel Hernandez +46 (0) 46 888 3800 (Group number to the operative staff)

    RI.Logistica representatives will confirm the receipt of the shipments to the receives in order to secure the ownership and verify that the transport has arrived in good order.

    The main reason for feeding the equipment to Lund is that the RI Logistica Association, as a non- profit organization will create export documents on the consolidated shipment/shipments to Ukraine in order to keep down import/export and transportation costs.

  3. Shipping instructions outside EU

    Donations from outside of EU will require to follow below steps:

      1. A Proforma invoice needs to be created.
      2. All donations need to be pre-advised to: with the proforma invoice attached.
      3. All shipments will be booked by RI.Logistica and shipped to a bonded warehouse in Malmö, Sweden
  4. Documentation, packaging and storage

    The donations needs to be:

      1. Clearly marked with the delivery address
      2. Accompanied with a proforma invoice clearly stating the contents and its individual value
      3. All donations need to be package in an appropriate box
      4. The storage area is placed within a 24x7x365 fence with guarded property with limited access and will be operated free of charge by European Spallation Source ERIC staff.
  5. Contact information
    For questions and preadvice of the shipments, please contact: 
    Cassandra Waad 
    +46 (0) 46 888 3608 (Group number administrative staff)


For more information on the initiative please visit Situation in Ukraine  or if you have any questions, please contact:

Jörgen Larsson, Vice Chairman of the Board

+46 (0) 72 179 2098

Cassandra Waad, Project administrator

+46 (0) 72 179 2572

The background 

In May 19-20 th2021 an on-line conference was held under the paroll “RI Logistica – getting science in place” focusing on the challenges related to supply chain, standardization, harmonization and synergies/cost effectiveness

With 250 participants from around the globe, representing a mix of industry and research institutes (RI), the goal was to identify areas where the RIs could learn from the industries ways of working based on common standards, established routines enabling economy of scale by cooperation between the RIs.

On the 23 rdof September 2022, The RI Logistica Association was registered in Denmark, and the first General Assembly was held in conjunction with the Big Science Business forum in Granda 4-7 thOctober where the Statues were decided de ning the Association as a non-pro t organization.

The RI Logistica web page will be the platform where the members can benefit from unique services like;