Logistics Health & Maturity review – XFEL

We recently concluded another successful Logistics Health & Maturity review meeting together with European XFEL, where the results were validated.
The goal of the review was to gain insights into XFEL´s logistic challenges and successes. Building on the meeting’s output, we identified key areas that RI.Logistica working groups will focus on in the upcoming year – and one thing is for certain: our goals are high and ambitious but there spirit to address and solve them is even higher!

A big thank you to Oliver and Michael for contributing to a fantastic meeting with exceptional outcomes – together we will take supply chain and logistics to new levels. 🏆

Seize the opportunity to engage your Research Institute today and gain a comprehensive understanding of your Logistics Health and Maturity. Become an integral part of a dynamic working group! ✉️ Send an email to info@rilogistica.eu