Launch of our new Marketplace

The newly established RI.Logistica Marketplace is an online shop where you can sell, lend or give away equipments or surplus stock items you no longer have use for and give it a so called “second life.” The Marketplace is available to all RI.Logistica members and will increase sustainability as well as lower the environmental footprint of Research Institutes or other public members. Our honorable goal is to start sharing equipment or consumables between RI’s and other public organizations and become not only more cost efficient but environmental friendly. Joining together to collaborate is a first step into the right direction and in the future….we could be the place, where Research Institutes and suppliers share equipment that could be beneficial to several organizations. The market place is suitable for all types of Research Institutes. In several discussions it became very clear, that every organization has equipment and consumables in stock at their warehouses and premises that is no longer needed but could be perfect for other organizations to use.