First donation has arrived – ILO Ukraine initiative.

The receipt of the initial donation from Utrecht University marks a significant milestone for RI.Logistica’s efforts to revive scientific advancement in Ukraine. Thanks to the aid of 4PL Central Station Nordic AB, who managed the equipment’s transportation to Lund and ensured its safe delivery by ESS Logistics staff, we have taken the first step towards achieving our goal. We are delighted to report that our collaboration with PERIIA has been fruitful and we look forward to receiving further donations.

The ILO Ukraine Initiative started in September 2022 by the PERIIA network where the RI.Logistica Associations provided the logistical solution. The Initiative will support RIs in Ukraine by replacing equipment that was stolen or damaged during the ongoing war, and also meeting the magnitude needed to be transported. Read more about the donation process in our Guidelines, and go to the Equipment list to see what equipment is needed in Ukraine. Please note that the list is not exhaustive; if you have equipment that you would like to donate, but it’s not on the list, please contact us!