ESS uses our Unique Transport Insurance 

The RI.Logistica member, European Spallation Source ERIC, is the first to use the unique transport insurance as of December 1st 2022. Based on a joint procurement handled by MARSH, RI.Logistica can offer a very competitive insurance rate which is tailor made to match the needs of the RIs and other public sector organizations. One of the unique features of the insurance (a one-of-a-kind setup) enables RI’s to ensure samples without deductibles and a 100% coverage including: time spent on producing the sample, travel, accommodation, material cost and more! The insurance is available on-line for members after login and can be utilized on a case-by-case base and already includes a fully staffed back office which handles any claims arising. It is a full service feature and gives RI’s the needed peace to concentrate on their core business, to do science.